On the base in Lahr, Germany (actually, the town of Baden Baden) where we lived from 1968 – 1970, was the actual hanger that the infamous WWI German Ace, The Red Baron had flown his missions out of.  This area of the base was fenced off for its national historic significance. This was 1968 and to be honest, history was something we had to learn in school.  It really wasn’t on my radar yet, but all that changed, a year or two later, in Grade six.

But for now, the story of the Red Baron was just folklore. I had heard of him, but was probably most aware of his place in history because of the 1966, Royal Guardsman song, “Snoopy Vs The Red Baron.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxzg_iM-T4E&feature=kp) It was years later when I learned the whole story of Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen and how it was a Canadian Ace named Captain Arthur “Roy” Brown who was credited with shooting down von Richthofen while saving a school friend whose Sopwith Camel was being pursued in a very low flight by The Red Baron. There has been controversy over who actually killed von Richthofen with many believing he was probably hit by a single shot from the ground.  Either way, it turns out there was never a dog involved in any of these dogfights, let alone Snoopy.   I guess there is more about our history that I will need to learn or at least relearn. 



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