I Spent a considerable amount of time today listening to and trying to learn the guitar work for a couple of songs that I would like to use in “The Incomplete History…”  I need to have good ole Canadian tunes for my pre and post show music but, I also plan to play three or four during the performances. I have written down the names of my musical influences as well as the Canadian musicians of note from my lifetime.  It has been great listening to some of my oldies and goodies and it has been equally trying to have to listen to the likes of Cory Hart, Bruce Cockburn and Celine Dion. When I was first learning to play guitar, my teacher Paul Dudar, taught all Gordon Lightfoot tunes so, he became an early favorite. Stan Rogers made a strong impression on me as did Stompin Tom.  When Stompin Tom died, I listened to a weekend of radio filled with nothing but his songs and I enjoyed each and every one.  I had forgotten about so many but, they all made me smile. At the same time, I realized that I really hope Celine outlives me.

I have eight to ten favorite songs that are going to help tell the history of Canada and I will have to choose which I play and which I get permission to use as preshow, postshow and intermission music.  SOCAN, here I come. (I am sure, no matter which ones I choose perform live, someone will wish I had just played the original recording and left well enough alone)

I found an awesome song by Nova Scotian Tom Gallant, that I would like to use as curtain call music.  It probably seems a little backwards to be working on ending the show first but, I was always taught that in acting, entrances and exits are the two things people remember most so whenever you enter or exit a room, everyone should be clear of why you are doing it and where you are coming from (or going to) and what your intention is.  You shouldn’t have to say it… it should just be clear.  So, I’ve chosen to use, “Unlikely Homecoming” as my exit music. It just sounds like me. (see: ) I’ve been in touch with Tom and have his permission to use the song, so as I said earlier, SOCAN, here I come.

I was working on four other particular songs but, I don’t have permission yet to use them so, I won’t reveal them today, other than to say one is about our national animal, two are about Canadian music icons and one is about the war of 1812.



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Good luck on your show! I hope you'll create the perfect playlist. Some of the songs you have chosen indeed represent Canada and its history. I believe that you will do great on your show. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Keep blogging!


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